Althea Aseoche was always the quiet kid scribbling in the corner. Being an only child, she spent her days filling notebooks with hand-written stories, fabricated alphabets, puzzles and doodles of characters. Growing up, Althea wanted to be many things: an astronaut, a gymnast, a palaeontologist, a horror novelist and more! In her teens she discovered anime and manga from which grew an obsession of drawing. When she earned her first playstation due to good grades at school, she discovered and played games like Final Fantasy, from which spawned a curiosity towards CG animation. 

Althea studied B. Digital Media degree at UNSW Art & Design (formerly known as College of Fine Arts, UNSW). Now she draws every day for various creative projects in kids' television, film, print and multimedia.

Hailing from Sydney, Australia but now based in London, UK, she is currently focusing on storyboarding. She also freelances as an illustrator outside of full-time hours and is always on the lookout for new and exciting projects to work on and travel/live abroad.