Althea Aseoche spent her days as a child filling notebooks with hand-written stories, fabricated alphabets, puzzles and doodles of characters. In her teens she discovered anime and manga from which grew an obsession of drawing. She also played Playstation games like Final Fantasy, from which spawned an interest in CG animation. 

Althea then decided to study animation at UNSW Art & Design (formerly known as College of Fine Arts, UNSW). She graduated with an Honours degree and soon found work in the art department. Now she draws every day for various creative projects in kids' television, film, print and multimedia. She is currently focusing on storyboarding for kids animation and also does freelance illustration for children's literature. She particularly loves drawing character poses and expressions. 

She lives with her fiancé in North London who is also a storyboard artist. Both are always on the lookout for new and exciting projects to work on and would be open to relocating together for work opportunities.